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Sedona Photography Symposium

Grand Canyon 100



Sept 2


"One touch of nature, makes the whole world kin." 

                                        -Shakespeare, Troilus and Cressida

Rafting the Grand Canyon

Open Studio at Long Line Pilates

From wide sweeping vistas to intimate  landscapes, I attempt to convey the feeling of awe and inspiration I felt while making these images.

Black and White images have the ability to use texture and contrast to distill the essence of a scene.  Here shape and form take front seat over color to tell a different story.

100 Grand Canyon images taken over 10 years. Landscapes, Cloudscapes and Nightscapes.

About me

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I am a landscape and travel photographer based out of Flagstaff, Arizona.  I've been making images since my father owned a local camera store in the 80's.  Although my photographs are from far and wide, my heart lies in the Southwest's Colorado Plateau.

From ancient ruins to urban decay these images tell the story of a by-gone age.

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Ever wonder what the landscape looks like after dark? These images use the camera to help the viewer see the unseen.


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